*** Collection of memories snapshot before my words*** Location: Puncak Lawang [Surrounding] Maninjau Lake, Ngarai Sianok, Bukittinggi

Cloud in my mind

rain rain anywhere i go it was raining but i love cool anywhere and i left my mind in december….

A Lost Trip -A Piece Remained Autumn 2016

Long story short, the ticket already in my hand and I just need to fly. Since I’ve been traveling in the past 3 years like crazy as part of my job, and get back to field again as soon I landed my feet on the ground, and the reward was fatigue, high working  hour and…

My Friends

Friends Strangers that became a part of family People who came but often go But still the same as they return From childhood or adulthood Friends of friend whom become my friend We barely see or talk for hours daily Yet, everything remains the same  

Sometime, we all need a little peace

To calm a heart beat Breathing deep, staring at the sky To reach a little peace Seems so close, but so far A little peace To put away oneself.. for a while *Throwback, Kariya, Nagoya, 2014 Missing … Source: Sometime, we all need a little peace

*Me :: Dream Away*

Time doesn`t wait. There are forgotten dreams left behind Hiding in the past Time by time we looked back It was left to pursue another one Path has passed too far… Still it lingers.. always. Gave a tiny light in a gloomy day. Be a strength in the roughest time Just a beat…. But, Moving……

Me※See you , Tomorrow.. #japan

Hi.. I am soon leaving You might even not realized i was here Still.. My heart is talking to you See you, Tomorrow Again and again Could not turn my sight over Yet, and still Absurd, not knowing why So I`ll be here soon or later Just to get knowing My own.. Existance   ***NIPPON***…